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Book cover for The End of the Curse

The  Book  That  Lets  You  Relive  the  Game  of  the  Century

How the Chicago Cubs broke the "Curse" to win Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, ending a 108-year championship drought.

A poem in the style of "Casey at The Bat" tells the dramatic story of Game 7. Full-page color photos illustrate the highlights of the game and the poem.

* *   See Samples Below   * * 

Dexter Fowler hits lead-off home run

Sample  From
Pages  4  and  5

"For throwing nasty breaking balls,
Cleveland's aces were well-versed.

The Cubs knew they must strike quickly;
they knew they must strike first.

The game had barely started,
a momentary blip,

And with one swing from Fowler,
the score was one to zip."

Kyle Hendricks is pulled by manager Joe Maddon

Sample  From
Pages  8  and  9

"In the bottom of the fifth,
Chicago's hopes were high.

The four-run lead looked solid,
unless something went awry.

But then, a simple base on balls
turned the game around.

Joe Maddon met with Hendricks,
and pulled him from the mound."

Jason Heyward with a stolen base in the ninth inning

Sample  From
Pages  16  and  17

"With the count at three and one,
Hayward raced ahead.

But the catcher's throw was errant,
so on to third he sped.

Now, with only one out,
Chicago's hopes were stirred.

But the pitcher squelched the rally,
with Heyward left on third."

Progressive Field during the rain delay

Sample  From
Pages  22  and  23

"The Cubs went to the weight room,
and held a meeting then and there.

The Cleveland comeback left many
with frustration and despair.

But Heyward admonished the team
to forget what had transpired.

He reminded them how good they were,
that they could do what was required."